Patti Zack

Patti Zack, Chief Customer Officer

Patti Zack is responsible for leading FiscalNote’s delivery of a more seamless and impactful end-to-end journey for its customers, ensuring they experience the full value of their solutions. Patti brings nearly 15 years of diverse experience across sales, operations, compliance and management across the financial and information services industries. Most recently, Patti served as Director of Customer Success at Refinitiv, a global provider of data and analytics, where she was responsible for the successful retention of over USD 250 million in annual recurring revenue.

Passionate about improving the customer experience to grow revenue, Patti is adept at integrating cross-functional leadership teams to drive customer-focused, strategic initiatives. As a seasoned expatriate with a proven track record of developing robust teams at scale, she has lead teams in Europe and North America by relentlessly focusing on data-driven decisions in environments of consistent transformation and resource constraints.

Patti holds a B.S in Economics from Purdue University and an MBA specializing in strategic management from the University of Notre Dame. When she’s not focused on customers, Patti enjoys travelling, cooking and tennis. Fun Fact: She’s been to 56 countries.