FiscalNote Launches “FiscalNoteGPT”, a Generative AI System Built Specifically for the Policy and Regulatory Industry

August 08, 2023

Company Introduces a Proprietary, First of its Kind, AI Platform for Informing and Empowering Customers

FiscalNote Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: NOTE) (“FiscalNote”), a leading AI-driven enterprise SaaS technology provider of policy and global intelligence, today announced the launch of FiscalNoteGPT, the first proprietary platform incorporating generative AI and large language model (LLM) capabilities customized for legislative, regulatory, and policy workflows. This large language model has been specifically adapted to a wide range of legal and regulatory data to support a diverse set of natural language processing (NLP) tasks within the legal and regulatory industry.

FiscalNoteGPT leverages FiscalNote’s proprietary legal, regulatory, and policy intelligence, processes it using the most powerful large language models and AI technology from industry leaders such as OpenAI, and applies FiscalNote’s long standing expertise in AI and data collection, normalization, and curation in order to provide users with a reliable, trusted, and secure product experience customized to meet the specific needs of the legal, policy, and regulatory domain. With the launch of FiscalNoteGPT, the Company advances its technology and market leadership in the legal and regulatory data industry by creating the world’s most comprehensive and reliable policy, legal, and regulatory AI-assistant.

Among its initial capabilities, FiscalNoteGPT assists customers by identifying pressing policy and regulatory concerns, generating new insights and recommendations, summarizing timely and relevant issues, and finding pertinent answers and information from FiscalNote’s proprietary databases, consisting of thousands of trusted internal and external sources which form the basis of FiscalNote’s award-winning, incisive, and actionable content. FiscalNote plans to incorporate FiscalNoteGPT into its continuous innovation roadmap to support customers and deliver new AI-driven capabilities in its workflow and data solutions.

“With this groundbreaking new release, we continue to push the boundaries of AI innovation in a way that benefits both FiscalNote and the industry,” said Josh Resnik, President and Chief Operating Officer of FiscalNote. “No one is in a more unique position to do so than FiscalNote, given our 10 years of leadership in applying AI to a broad array of proprietary and external data and information in the regulatory and policy domain. What also sets FiscalNoteGPT apart as a clear, competitive differentiator are our proprietary databases, consisting of thousands of trusted internal and external sources, which means our customers can engage with confidence to help guide and inform their decisions and results.”

Despite major advances in AI and the use of LLMs in the technology industry, further domain-specific systems are needed to advance the use case of these models into industry domains. FiscalNote has developed a domain-specific approach in FiscalNoteGPT to address the unique complexity that exists in the legal and regulatory world and believes that, as it further develops FiscalNoteGPT, it will become critical for customers across the legal, policy and regulatory industry. To that end, the Company plans to leverage the system for key partnerships with other legal and regulatory data and software companies and new revenue streams via APIs, benefitting the broader industry by unlocking the full power of the Company's data and AI.

FiscalNoteGPT was built leveraging the decade-long investment in AI, ML, and NLP in the legal industry, drawing on the Company's existing operations in data ingestion, collection, cleansing, and curation. FiscalNoteGPT represents a major advancement to leverage FiscalNote’s domain-specific datasets to adapt an LLM for the legal and regulatory domain.

FiscalNoteGPT is currently being trialed by a select group of FiscalNote customers before being deployed more broadly later this year.

In addition, FiscalNote is continuing its previously-announced collaborations with OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft which provide select legal, political, and regulatory data and information for users of those platforms.

About FiscalNote

FiscalNote (NYSE: NOTE) is a leader in policy and global intelligence. By uniquely combining data, technology, and insights, FiscalNote empowers customers to manage political and business risk. Since 2013, FiscalNote has pioneered technology that delivers critical insights and the tools to turn them into action. Home to CQ, FrontierView, Oxford Analytica, VoterVoice, and many other industry-leading brands, FiscalNote serves approximately 5,000 customers worldwide with global offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. To learn more about FiscalNote and its family of brands, visit and follow @FiscalNote.

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