The pace of political, legal, legislative, and regulatory activity is unrelenting, and only accelerating. The decision makers at these organizations cannot be blind to the laws proposed and regulations promulgated that will govern the way they operate.

That idea launched FiscalNote in 2013.

When founders Tim Hwang, Gerald Yao, and Jonathan Chen bootstrapped their way out to Silicon Valley in the summer of 2013, they knew the deck was stacked against them. They had no meaningful relationships in the industry or with investors. They had limited funds. They bought one-way tickets to Silicon Valley, camped out in a cramped Motel 6 room in Sunnyvale, California, and prayed it would work out as they built FiscalNote one cold call, one line of code, one late night at a time.

That tenacity and vision spawned a global firm that serves some of the biggest and most influential companies, governments, and people in the world. Even our headquarters is now located on Pennsylvania Avenue, halfway between the U.S. Capitol and the White House. Influential people make critical and timely decisions based on the information and software we serve them.

Our customers come to us to develop a deeper understanding of policy and geopolitical developments, to build community, and to better understand the people they represent. We exist to cut through the noise, distill the complex, and harmonize the legal world into technology platforms to help organizations make sense of the exploding volume of regulations against the backdrop of a more turbulent world. The ability to discover, codify, and digitize every law and every regulation on the planet in a single platform would be an incredible achievement for humanity — and FiscalNote is leading the charge.

We have already helped connect more than 3,000 of the world’s most important organizations — including government agencies, Fortune 500 enterprises, major NGOs, and institutional investors — to this information, and we have enhanced their understanding of, and relationships with, the governments that impact them. Our technologies and information have brought more certainty to complicated legislative, regulatory, and policy issues and amplified the voices of citizens.

Our revenue and customer base are testaments to the value of our solutions. Our goal is to achieve a sustained level of scale that enhances our relationships with a wide variety of customers, increases our efficiency of revenue generation via cross-sell and upsell, strengthens brand awareness and management capacity, improves our ability to service customers with more resources and support, and ultimately generates higher returns on capital.

FiscalNote is on a path to become one of the most consequential companies of our time.

Who We Are…

We are a mission-driven company, whose aim is to create innovative products with purpose, urgency, and meaning that have tremendous impact for our customers.

We are a bold company that makes strategic and sometimes unconventional decisions not based on what “everyone else is doing” or how things “have always been done”, but rather by what makes the most sense for our mission and enables us to extend our market position.

We are a disciplined company that places a heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction, operational excellence, continuous improvement, and core competencies — not as a requirement to appease any short-term external forces — but as a necessary condition toward accomplishing our long-term goals.

We are an experimental and high-velocity organization that moves with speed, agility, and conviction to capture and seize the opportunities we see ahead of us.

We are a deeply analytical company, constantly weighing our cost of capital against our investments and products that are producing outsized returns versus those that are underperforming. We commit to analytically and decisively invest in the ones that grow and shut down the ones that do not.

We are a growth company - constantly optimizing revenue scale against long-term profitability on a per share basis, seeking to balance incremental dilution with growth opportunities. We intricately understand business cycles and maturity and seek to appropriately balance blue ocean growth opportunities with long-term potential for outsized profitability.

We are a transparent company that aims to win over public supporters to our way of doing business with action and proven results.

We are an agile company with an experienced, cross-industry leadership team that has ambitions to build an enduring, consequential, category-creating, and global enterprise.

We are a People company, constantly retaining and pursuing the best talent while forging a culture firmly rooted in our Values — as well as our abiding commitment to Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and Belonging — in all that we do.

At FiscalNote, we believe there is a massive opportunity in the disruption of our industry. With an innovative vision, solid execution, and seasoned management, we look forward to continuing the important work of building FiscalNote into an enduring enterprise.